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Home2017 GGTC Training Camp

Get ready for GGTC's new training camp, formally Wildflower Training Weekend. Because of the demise of the infamous and historical Wildflower Triathlon we have moved our location and target race to the Monte Rio Triathlon.


This training weekend is a long-standing GGTC tradition nearly as old as the club itself.A little background: in the Spring of 1992 we had about a dozen members in the Redonda Vista campground where the GGTC would camp on race weekend. Coach Duane Franks remembers “moving two picnic tables together so it could hold our ‘large’ gathering. We called it our ‘secret training weekend.’”


While we couldn't find a place directly on a racecourse like we did at Wildflower, we found a place in between Monte Rio and Santa Rosa Ironman races. The good news is, they have filtered water!


Be prepared to train, learn, socialize, compete, and enjoy a weekend of triathlon and fun!


Our usual shenanigans will be had, in addition to some new ones: Beer Mile, Volleyball tournament, massages, yoga or strength class, guest speakers, and more! The venue also has a fire pit, 2 recreational heated pools, basketball courts, and amazing trails!


This will be a training camp for all levels of athletes and a great time to meet new people and make new friends! We will likely get a chance to preview Monte Rio (Sprint/Olympic) and maybe even Santa Rosa (70.3 / 140.6)!!


Meals are provided Saturday-Sunday morning, and everyone will be in assigned cabins. Please reach out to Liz Davis with any questions



Registration Dates

Registration for members will open on March 1st.

Registration for non-members will open on March 20th.

Registration ends Extended to April 7th.

Final cabin assignments will be posted on April 10th.



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Cabin Assignments


2017 Cabin Assignments/Map:


  • These are strictly for sleeping, and you will need sheets or a sleeping bag.
  • These beds are not shared- everyone has his/her own twin bed in a bunk.
  • Bathhouses(think locker room style) are outside the cabins.
  • The cabin map is here, and cabin assignments can be found here.
  • There are no kitchens, and we have cabins 11-24!


click here to download assignments



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Looking to Carpool?

I spent time to arrange many carpools,
if you (and your bike) still NEED a ride, please click here and add your information.
If you can DRIVE an additional person/bike please add your information here!



A.R.T./Sports Massage?

More information to come.



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At this camp you will have the opportunity to preview Monte Rio or Santa Rosa Ironman Courses, meet with coaches, and have a wonderful weekend with the club! We are very excited to host this camp at a new location. Questions? Please e-mail Liz at





4:00pm - Check-in Opens
5:30pm - Bike Demo with Argon 18
6:00pm - Dinner (self provided/plan prepared meals/grill)
7:00pm - Camp Introductions
7:30pm - Optional Tire Change Clinic/Bike maintenance talk with Huckleberry Bicycles
8:00pm - Bonfire
10:00pm - Lights Out




7:00am - Bagel/Muffin Breakfast & Electrolyte provided by UCAN
7:15am - Course talk with ride leaders
7:30am - Drive to course (Monte Rio Beach or Lake Sonoma)
8:00am - Monte Rio Swim Course/Transition Review with John Dahlz (can not swim, the river is not dammed)
8:30am - Santa Rosa Swim Preview (30 min. swim)
8:30am - Monte Rio Bike Roll Out (Strava Link or Google Maps Link)
9:15am - Santa Rosa Bike Roll Out (Strava Link or Google Maps Link)
10:30am - Monte Rio Brick Run
12:30pm-1:30pm - Lunch open at camp lodge
12:30pm - Optional Brick Run
Noon - 6:00pm - 20 min. Sports Massages sponsored by Sports Medicine Institute (more TBA)
2:00pm - Mobility Drills with Nate Helming and Mario Fraioli
2:30pm - Transition/Race Nutrition Talk with Coaches
3:00pm - Kickball/Volleyball/Free-time
5:30pm - Beer Mile
6:00pm - Dinner at the camp opens
6:30pm - Party sponsored by 21st Amendment
8:30pm - Bonfire Starts




8:00am - Breakfast starts @ the camp lodge
8:30am - Strength/Stretch with Nate Helming
9:00am - Long Run
11:00am - Check-out



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Friday night

You should plan food for yourself or plan among your friends/carpools/cabins etc! We can grill (if you bring one or borrow someone's) and bring any additional prepared foods, as we do not have kitchens.



Breakfast will be bagels/muffins provided by the club. Lunch provided by the camp closes at 1:30, if those doing the long course miss lunch time, we can grill again or pick up lunch on the way back from the ride! Dinner is provided by the camp.



Breakfast is provided by the camp.



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What to Bring

I think of this as a glamping trip (glamorous camping). We don't have to bring much food and water is drinkable. Be sure to bring all of your triathlon things along with casual clothes, shower shoes, and towels. If you have any games you'd like to bring along with picnic blankets, we welcome all fun ideas! I also recommend bringing snacks and drinks that you'd want through the afternoon/nights. We will be providing some beer and electrolyte nutrition from UCAN! I also recommend bringing a cooler for yourself and your beverages/beer and perishable food if you'd like. We don't have much refrigeration space.
  Dates: April 21-23


  Location: Occidental CYO Camp 

  90 min. from SF, 10 miles from Monte Rio (map)


  Registration: Closed

  Open to Non-Members After March 20


  Cost: $150 for Members
  Cost: $175 for Non-Members


  Questions: email


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