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2018 Olympic Distance Training Program (OLY) to Wildflower

Sprint and Olympic Distance Training Program by Dahlz Performance Coaching

Welcome to GGTC’s 17th year of its Olympic Distance training Program! This training program is designed for both Sprint and Olympic distance races at the iconic Wildflower Triathlon. This program is designed specifically to match your level of fitness and ability.

John Dahlz, a veteran triathlon coach and accomplished professional triathlete, will lead this ten-week training program along a team of captains and assistants.

We’re looking for people ready to take on a great journey to complete the Wildflower Triathlon on Sunday, May 6, 2018. Sprint Distance Racers will swim .5 mile, bike 12.4 miles and run 3.1 miles. Olympic Distance Racers will swim .92 mile, bike 25 miles, and run 6.2 miles. When you cross the finish line you will experience a feeling that is beyond compare!

2016 Olympic Training Program at Wildflower Triathlon

Fees Support Our Non-Profit Partner

A portion of the program’s fee, minus administrative costs, will be donated to GGTC’s Non-Profit Partnership beneficiary "Real Options for City Kids (R.O.C.K.)" Thanks to GGTC members, coaches, and participants; we have granted over $100,000 to local non-profit organizations that share our commitment of offering physical fitness opportunities to our Bay Area community. Click here to read more about the Non-Profit Partnership program.


  Dates: Feb 25 - May 6
  Length: 10 Week Program
  Cost: $330
  New Members: Purchase your GGTC membership here in order to register.
  Questions: Email

SOLD OUT for Wildflower

New members purchase your GGTC membership here in order to register for OLY

Program Components:

Technique instruction to safely and effectively improve your swimming, biking and running

Equipment overview, evaluation, and recommendations

The opportunity to travel, train, and race with the team!

Clinics that cover topics associated with completing a Sprint or Olympic Distance Triathlon

3-4 coached group workouts / week:

»  Wednesday evening track workout

Kezar Stadium

»  Sat & Sun mornings

Wildflower Course Preview

Additional e-mail support to answer any questions

Weekly training programs detailing your training

SOLD OUT for Wildflower

New members purchase your GGTC membership here in order to register for OLY

Key Dates

Information Meeting

Tues, Feb 6

7pm - 8pm

Learn more about the program and the coach to see if it’s for you!

Location: Sports Basement Presidio

Registration TBD »

Kick-off Social

Thu, Feb 22

Come meet new and senior GGTC Members!

Location: TBD

Registration TBD »

First Group Workout

Sun, Feb 25


Location: Golden Gate Park Polo Field

Google Map »

GGTC Wildflower Training Weekend

Fri, Apr 6 - Sun, Apr 8

Lake San Antonio
(Wildflower Tri Location)

More Info Coming Soon »

Wildflower Triathlons

Sun, May 6

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Who is this for?

Self-motivated individuals that want to take on the challenge of triathlon training! Ideally you can swim 200 yards, ride a bike and run a few miles. Someone that may have completed a triathlon previously and is looking to go to the next level.


When will I be working out?

The group meets 3 times per week leading up to race day for a combination of swimming, biking and running workouts.


Where will I be training?

Workouts will be held in Marin, Peninsula, and San Francisco.


What happens if I can’t make it to all the workouts?

It would be great if we had enough time in the day to do everything we want and sometimes life gets in the way. With the help of your coaches, you can train as little as 8 hours a week and feel confident you can complete the race.


Do I have to race?

No, competing in the Wildflower Triathlon is optional. You can certainly train with the group and not race or race in another triathlon. It’s totally up to you!


Can you tell me more about the Triathlon?

Please visit their site for more details regarding the race. Securing an entry spot and registration fees are not included with the program. You must register independently for the Wildflower Triathlon.


What about equipment?

You will need a bicycle and helmet, running shoes, swimsuit, goggles and a wetsuit. If you don't have these things yet, don't worry! Coach JD will cover the basics of triathlon equipment in the beginning of the training program.


How do I register if I’m not a member yet?

You’ll first purchase GGTC Annual Membership prior here. Then you can register for OLY!

Let’s Do This!

SOLD OUT for Wildflower

New members purchase your GGTC membership here in order to register for OLY

More Questions? Email