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IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 Coaching by purplepatch fitness

We are extremely excited to be partnering with purplepatch fitness for the entire 2017 long-course distance IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 season.



purplepatch has put together a special series of coaching, education and programming specifically designed for GGTC members. Working with purplepatch you can be confident in your training and readiness to execute your best performance with the knowledge, methodology and support of the most successful coaching company in the sport. This is a special opportunity and specifically designed for the members of GGTC.

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How does the coaching work?

You can opt into a single session, to prepare for a specific race, or build a season of training by tying the sessions together in a progressive training program.


The cost is $450 for each 3 month training block (no pro-rating will be allowed).

Early Season

Feb 15 - May 15

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Cost: $450

No pro-rating will be allowed

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Summer Season

Jun 19 to Sept 17

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Cost: $450

No pro-rating will be allowed

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Coaching Components:
Program kick off with Matt Dixon
Daily Training Program

For the duration of the phase of training, utilizing workouts designed by Matt Dixon, and personalized to your available training hours, life schedule, race plans and background in the sport.

Integrated Strength and Conditioning Program
Bi-weekly coaching calls

Group video calls with Coach Michael Olzinksi. Attend live or review recording

Email Support

For all your performance and training questions

3 Weekly Group Training Sessions

Coached by Michael Olzinski

»  Thursday Track Session

6:30 pm at Kezar

»  Sunday Swim Session

10 am at Tamalpais High School

»  Sunday Run Session

11:30 am at Tamalpais High School

Complete purplepatch education program

»  Comprehensive library of education and tutorials

»  Weekly performance education bulletin from Matt Dixon

»  Pre-Race countdown education to ensure you are prepped for race day

Pre-race planning sessions

With Michael Olzinski (for key group races)

2 Course Previews

Swim/Bike/Run with Mike leading up to Santa Cruz

Season Breakdown:

The 2017 season will be broken into three phases. You are free to utilize a single training block to prepare for a specific race, or go on the entire season journey to build a season of performance evolution.  Each phase will:

  »  Have a unique series of workouts to build toward your race goals.

  »  Evolve from one phase to the next to allow athlete progression throughout the season.

  »  Allow for personalization within the group training structure.

  »  Ensure that you arrive ready to perform, and improve throughout the full season.

The two sessions of training are:

Early Season
February 15 to May 15

Training specific to the early racing season, and preparation for late April and early May races.

Example Racers:

  »  IRONMAN St George 70.3

  »  IRONMAN Santa Rosa 70.3

  »  Development phase for Middle to Late Season IRONMAN racers (June to November races)

Summer Season
June 19 to September 17

The final push to races…

Example Racers:

  »  IRONMAN Santa Cruz 70.3

  »  IRONMAN Florida

  »  IRONMAN Arizona

  »  IRONMAN Cozumel

This is a wonderful opportunity to gain access to the
expertise and methodology of Matt Dixon and purplepatch fitness.

GGTC is the only triathlon club with special programming and discounted fees for coaching,
so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

About Matt Dixon, purplepatch Founder

Matt Dixon brings a unique blend of professional coaching experience, elite athletics and education to lead the purplepatch team. His Master’s degree in clinical and exercise physiology combined with his experience as an elite swimmer and professional triathlete form the backbone of his coaching philosophy, the purplepatch pillars of performance, a much broader and adaptive view of the path to peak performance than conventional endurance sports coaching.

He is a highly sought after resource in the fitness and endurance community, writing and contributing to multiple publications and organizations such as Triathlete Magazine, USA Triathlon, Outside Magazine and Powertap. He has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Men’s Journal, Outside, Men’s Fitness, and Men’s Health.

Matt is the author of ‘The Well Built Triathlete’, IRONMAN U Master Coach, lead hydration advisor for Camelbak, and sits on the advisory board for LUMO Technologies.

With Matt Dixon’s purplepatch pillars of performance athletes of varying goals and capacities, are able to train throughout the week using the same purplepatch philosophy and methodology. The purplepatch mission is to create an effective program for all to follow, without forcing athletes into a standardized program that simply doesn’t fit into their life.

How It Will Work:
A few simple steps to get going for each block of training.

2 Training Set up » Once sign ups are complete, we will receive the list of participating GGTC athletes, and the purplepatch on-boadring process will begin.

This will include:

  »  Capturing some background information on you, your life schedule, goals and race schedule.

  »  Understanding your weekly training schedule

  »  Outlining your goals, race plans and other information to assist us in building the plan.

  »  Introducing you to the purplepatch training portal, education library and plan support.

3 Training Plan Set up » We will then create the initial block of work for the initial 4 four weeks of training.  Training will be delivered in 4-week cycles.

Your plan will include:

  »  All GGTC group sessions (with alternate sessions if you are unable to attend).

  »  Complete daily training sessions with options to scale intensity and duration if fatigue or time-restricted.

  »  An integrate hierarchy of training session priority to ensure you hit the most specific key sessions each week.

4 Training Begins » On February 15th all training will begin. You will also gain access to the purplepatch portal, education library, plan support and other resources.  If you are ever confused, Mike will be available at coached sessions or at the bi-weekly group video Meetings with Mike.  You can also reach out to plan support for more immediate assistance.

Questions? purplepatch is here to help you achieve your long distance triathlon goals.  If you would like a chat about the program to understand more, don’t hesitate to reach out to them at