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GGTC is very proud of our talented, experienced, and knowledgable coaches

  • A triathlon pioneer, Duane is a founding member of the GGTC, has competed since 1981 and coached since 1986. He has competed in nearly 300 triathlons, including 13 Ironman events and is a five-time Hawaii Ironman finisher with a PR of 10:09 set at the age of 40. He has won age group titles at Wildflower, Vineman, World’s Toughest Half, Escape from Alcatraz and others.
  • Coach D has successfully coached hundreds of athletes of all ages and abilities that range from novice to elite. His systematic Ironman training approach has resulted in more than 100 Ironman finishes. His elite athletes have set world records and won overall and age group titles, including The Ironman World Championship.
  • Duane has a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology and is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and USAT.
  • He has published and or been featured in Competitor and Triathlete magazines as well as
  • For more information on Duane’s services contact or visit
  • Neil will create a non-threatening environment with a no nonsense approach. He understands life's limitations, but through encouragement and tailored training he will build your confidence to maximize your personal goals. Optimal Fitness is for everyone, whether you are a triathlete or just looking to improve your overall health. If you balance the body, the mind will follow.
  • GGTC Tri & Give (TAG) program coach since 2003
  • GGTC Half-Ironman Training (HIT) program coach 2006-2011
  • USAT Certified Coach
  • For more information visit

Dahlz 2

John is bringing his years of triathlon coaching and racing expertise to the Golden Gate Triathlon Club to help us all become better athletes. John coaches club programs such as Track and Swimming.
He is the former Head Coach of the The University of California at Berkeley Triathlon Team. During his 4 years at Cal his athletes earned 4 National Titles, 2 runner up Titles and the Cal Team never finished off of the podium as a Combined Team during his 4 year tenure. John is also an age group and masters swim coach at Saint Ignatius College Prep and Fog City Masters. John's racing resume includes being 2009 Collegiate National Champion, 3X winner of the Vineman 140.6 Triathlon, and a USAT All American Athlete among other notable achievements.




  • Holds certifications with USA Triathlon, American College of Sports Medicine, and Crossfit.
  • Triathlete accomplishments include first time triathlon finishes, ironman finishes, podium finishes, qualifications to Kona, Las Vegas, and Nationals not to mention pro card qualification.
  • Personal accomplishments includes several top 5 and 10 amateur finishes at races such as Vineman 70.3 and Wildflower Olympic. Also includes multiple ironman finishes, multiple marathons, one ultra marathon, qualification to the Ironman and 70.3 World Championships and the Leadville Traill 100 mountain bike race.
  • Runner accomplishments include return to racing from serious injury, marathon finishes, race PRs, and Boston qualification.
  • Specializes integrating Crossfit strength and conditioning with traditional endurance training for better performance and injury prevention.
  • Splits his time coaching triathletes online with in-person and groups coaching down at San Francisco Crossfit.
  • Proudly launching Helming Athletics with a specialized Crossfit/Triathlon program for the Golden Gate Triathlon Club.

Coach Michael Olzinski is also an experienced coach and triathlete. He has a Master's in Exercise Physiology, certified in nutrition, and track and field. As a Coach for the purplepatch fitness team he has been exposed to some of the very best coaching techniques from all over the world. Involving different training phases, key sessions, recovery workouts, training the mind, eating right, and so much more. He has coached a variety of athletes to accomplish their goals from Alzheimer's patients to pro athletes. He knows how to create a program to help you meet your goals based on what is realistic for your lifestyle.

Mike Portman is also and experienced coach and decorated triathlete with a number of podiums to his credit. As a USAT Certified Coach Mike has learned the very best coaching techniques from all over the world. Involving different training phases, key sessions, recovery workouts, training the mind, eating right, and so much more. Coach Mike knows all the 'ins and outs' for all different types of endurance athletes.
From creating structured plans for the busy parent or professional who wants to complete their first sprint triathlon, to preparing a person who wants to compete in Ironman style racing, Coach Mike works with all ranges of experiences. In addition to developing personalized online training programs, Coach Mike is also available in the California Bay Area for in-person sessions involving the disciplines of swimming, biking, and running.