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We're all volunteers here to make your experience with the GGTC team the best and most valuable it can be. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to contact us at any time.
I lead a busy and active life. I'm an entrepreneur (started my own management firm called Presidio Sports Management), am the co-founder of Team Cancer Sucks (a non-profit org that raises funds for patients and families affected by cancer) and am in my second term as the Chief Steward of my beloved GGTC. When I'm not juggling all of these responsibilities, I'm training for the next endurance challenge or chilling with my family.

In 2017, I'll race a handful of triathlons and road races including the Marin Ultra Challenge 50, HITS Napa Valley, Vineman Monte Rio, AlaskaMan Extreme Triathlon and the Franklin Mountains 50k. 
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In early 2009 my wife and I needed a hobby so we decided to “train for a triathlon.” Little did we know, it would become our passion. We moved to SF in 2011 and joined GGTC before unpacking. Since then I’ve become passionate about GGTC and driving value for our members. I have had the pleasure of serving as: Bike Director in 2013, President in 2014 & 2015, and Vice President in 2016. Cycling is my passion and swimming is my Achilles heel.

In my first race I was dead last out of the water… proceeded to bomb through much of the field… before blowing up on the run. It was a humbling experience but despite all of the pain/suffering/mistakes, I was hooked. I've worked hard at improving all three disciplines since then and I’ve completed: 5 ronmans (Tahoe 2x, Whistler, Mont Tremblant & Cozumel); 10+ HIM’s; 25+ Olympics/Sprints.
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I joined GGTC back in 2012 as a way to make new friends and stay in shape. Four years later, I've done so many more events, races and met more awesome people that I ever thought I would. I loved it so much, I joined the board and this is my second year as the club's Treasurer.

I took a break from racing last year, so looking forward to getting back into it for 2016! My first tri of the year will probably be good old Wildflower. Outside of the club, I work for a software start up, love to travel and explore.
Allie Corriea
In 2014 I dared myself to do my first half-marathon, thinking that would be the end of “endurance sports” for me. Somehow I was convinced to be crazy enough to do an Olympic Triathlon and despite my horrible bike handling skills I signed up for Wildflower in 2015. Now two years later, I have competed in several half-marathons, and am working up to my first marathon and Half-Ironman in 2016.

When I am not training I work for Wells Fargo in SEC reporting, love to travel, try new things, drink wine and spend time with my friends and family. I cannot say enough positive things about GGTC, and I am so happy to be on the board for 2016.
I have a self diagnosed “SPORTS A.D.D.” which means I need to pick up a new sport every year. It was only a matter of time after I started doing half-marathons, road biking and the dreaded cold-ass swim in the bay that I had to put all three sports together. Yes, a TRIATHLON! And it all started 5 years ago when I joined GGTC and have since done dozens of Olympics, half-marathons, one marathon (New York!), tons of century rides, and four half-ironmans in 2015 alone. 2016 will be my Ironman year in Mont-Tremblant and will be joined by a large group of GGTC members!

I was honored to be your GGTC Social Director in 2014 and again this year in 2016. My philosophy is that we’re all here to have FUN!! Thirsty Thursday’s will continue to be a mainstay, but our Season Kick-Off Party and Wildflower Training Weekend will be equally epic! But the mother of them all will be our 25th Anniversary Party in May. Get ready for this! Plan for a two-day hangover!!
Evan Sharp
I had no interest in Triathlon prior to joining the GGTC. I joined because I wanted to meet people crazy enough to do long bike rides with me. After meeting plenty of those folks, one thing led to another and I completed my first Half Ironman at Santa Cruz in September last year.

It turns out that Triathlon is pretty rad. I work at a technology company in SF that makes HR software. In my spare time, I eat a lot of tacos, drink a lot of cold brew coffee and craft beer, and listen to as much gangster rap as possible. I also read books, ride my motorcycle and hang with my homies.
During college I decided to do my first triathlon. It wasn't until five years later, after thinking I may never run again due to injury, that I got to do my first triathlon. I raced the Tri Santa Cruz sprint division, and it was everything I hoped it would be. After racing alone, I decided I wanted a training group so I joined GGTC.

It's been a great experience, and within my first year in the club I joined the board to give back to the community. This year I'm hoping to complete my first Half Ironman in Hawaii. Professionally, I am an electrical engineer and work at a robotics company. In my spare time I juggle too many hobbies including cheese making, reading, cooking, plant and aquarium keeping, and learning guitar.
I am a lifelong runner. I competed in both high school and college (NCAA Div III) but I gave it up for a long time to pursue other things. In 2011 I was bored at work and became fascinated with completing an Ironman triathlon. Training for Ironman brought me to GGTC where I met all my best friends in San Francisco. I have now been in triathlon for almost 5 years and raced every distance. I also like going long distances on my bike- especially when there is climbing to be done!

Other than triathlon I'm passionate about renewable energy, international travel, carbohydrates, America's National Parks, futbol, pork, and a good story.
Brenda Bettencourt
My first triathlon was a Tri for Fun sprint race in 2000. I gradually added longer distance races and joined GGTC in 2004 to get training motivation and run coaching for my first Ironman. Now I mostly do half ironman (70.3) and ironman races. I've completed 5 Ironman races, with one Kona (Ironman World Championships) qualification and race. My 2016 race schedule includes Ironman Oceanside 70.3, Ironman Hawaii 70.3, Ironman Boulder, Ironman Florida and possibly two other half ironman races.

I’m living the tri life: training (a lot) and racing, serving as a brand ambassador for My Soxy Feet (high quality athletic socks) and Shift (San Francisco’s premiere indoor cycling studio), and communicating info for GGTC. I’m also a ski fanatic and am spending about a third of my time in Squaw Valley. After about a year hiatus, I’m updating my blog
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IT Manager during the day, triathlete during nights and weekends! Originally from Chicago I used to be in multiple running clubs both elite(Nike Running Team) and recreational(Fleet Feet Racing Team) -GGTC is hands-down my favorite club. While coaching high school cross-country I got to see how much I love running and the concept of teamwork.

I was introduced to triathlons while nursing my injury and physical therapies consisted of swimming and cycling; once I was all healed I became what I am today. I’m very excited to be GGTC’s run director so I can share my passion of running with the team. This year my triathlon goals will be focusing on half-ironmans and securing a status with ITU Championships. My running goals will be running sub-1:20 (half-marathon) and breaking 2:59 (marathon). Come join me on weekend runs and track workouts!
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I signed up for Big Kahuna 4 years ago and joined a course preview training day a few weeks before the race. My longest ride was 20 miles and in my naivety, I figured 45 minute spin classes feel exactly like 56 miles and a headwind. I survived, despite showing up with only 2 packs of GU and no concept of chamois cream…and then they introduced me to brick runs. Pure torture.

The next day I went looking for a tri club. I’ve been with GGTC for four years (all on the board), completed 3 Ironman races and have formed the best friendships I’ve ever had. I work at a management consulting firm and split my time between Boston and SF. For fun, I love SCUBA diving, wine, reading and watching college basketball – except Duke.
I was invited to GGTC’s kickoff party in 2013 and had a chance to meet some very friendly and motivating folks. I came to the run workouts as way to cross train while I was primarily swimming competitively through Pacific Masters Swimming. Since that time I’ve competed in Wildflower and Morro Bay Tri as a relay, Alcatraz Challenge for swim and aquathons, had numerous bay swim experiences and, have run in a variety of distances for road and trail races.

As swim director, I plan to attend most club events and look forward to competing in the Trans-Tahoe Relay, bay swims, aquathons and running half marathon distance races. I’m making an effort to find a balance in swim, bike and run training this year. I work with a non-profit agency, providing direct service case management and case planning for youth in detention. I enjoy anytime I get to be in the water, especially cold water. Being outside is more fun!
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January 2014 I was invited to GGTC’s kickoff meeting. Within two hours, I was convinced that I needed to do Wildflower. Because I had never done a triathlon, or ridden a bike in years, I decided a training group might be a good plan. That night I went home, joined the club, and the very next week was signed up for Wildflower Olympic training program! Since that first meeting, I have completed races at the sprint, olympic, and half-Iron distances as well as multiple aqua-bike, relay, and swim events.

This year, as Volunteer Director, I plan to attend most club events and will race at Wildflower, Vineman Monte Rio, SF Triathlon at Alcatraz, and Santa Cruz 70.3. I will swim in the Trans-Tahoe Relay and potentially complete a bridge to bridge swim. I work as Office Manager for a creative company and spend any free time watching sports and baking.
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I have been apart of the club for 4 years now! I always thought triathletes looked so badass I couldn't wait to be one, but had no idea how to get started. My friend Michael Stricklan invited me to the end of year party and even though I didn't know anyone there besides him, I had such a great time and could tell it was a good group of people. I was sooo intimated though! I was too scared to work out with everyone so I only went to Happy Hours for the first year to see if I would fit in!

I finally got the courage to start working out with the club and the rest is history! The races I'm doing this year are Napa HITS, Monte Rio, Vineman 70.3, and my very first full Ironman - Ironman Mt. Tremblant!
My first triathlon was the Malibu Nautica Triathlon Olympic Distance with an ocean swim and I was completely unprepared. It took me over an hour to complete just the swim. I was so angry about it I trained solely in Aquatic Park and the next year I cut my swim time in half. I joined GGTC to become more technically proficient at the sport and found a fantastic group of friends with the same interests and goals. This year I plan to complete at least one tri, be it paratri or the whole deal.

In real life I’m the Chief Creative Catalyst & Founder of babaLucas Creative, an online branding and website design firm. In my spare time I like to cook, grill, camp, walk my dog, geek out over cigars, GoT, and good design + ponder the existential conundrum of spandex: how was it so bad before triathlon, and now I love it so.
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