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Track workout and sock judging
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Come out and enjoy what may (or may not) be our last night at Kezar Stadium for the year (closure date still TBD so check back to the calendar and FB for updates).

In addition to coaching the amazingly rewarding workout below, Coach D2 will judge who has the best socks at track Wednesday night. Some might think that President Sam Gager has this in the bag with his arsenal of  Captain America, USA and rainbow vomiting unicorn socks, but I've seen some fierce competition from the likes of Nat Zimmer, Michael Spiegel and even wife, Krista.
So...put on your most outlandish pair of socks, get yourself to track and reap the rewards of GGTC swag for the winners, a killer workout and eternal bragging rights.

Location: Kezar Stadium

6:45 PM: Warm up 15 min. easy jog on upper perimeter

7:00 PM: Run specific drills + 800 building strides on the straights

7:10 PM: Main Set


5 - 10K runners:

1200 starting at 10K pace, building to < 3K pace


Long Distance runners:

1600 @ 10K pace

2 min RI


All runners: Progressive Sets

800 at I Pace (87 - 90%)

1 min RI


4 x 200 < I Pace (~ 92 - 95%)

30 sec RI 

followed by an easy 400 after the second 200


4 x 100 (97+ % effort)

RI is easy jog back to start

See you and your socks on Wednesday!
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