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Track workout for Wednesday 2.12
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Happy Monday, track stars!

Below is our workout for this week. We'll be meeting same place, same time: Kezar bleachers at 6:45pm on Wednesday the 12th.

Announcements start at 6:45pm, followed by
  • 10-15 minute warm-up on upper track including run drills
  • 1x1600 @ 5k pace (rest interval = 2 minute jog)
  • 2x800 @ 5k pace (rest interval = 1:30 minute jog)
  • 4x400 @ <3k pace (rest interval = 45 second jog)
I am enjoying the tundra that is Boston this week, so Alex has graciously agreed to help out with drills (thanks, Alex!!).

See you all next week (2.19) for the time "assessment"!

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