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Track survey and other news
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Or perhaps you can try this SURVEY  (where the link actually works!)...oops.

Hello future track stars (including those of us with the "most potential"!!) 

We will be kicking off the OFFICIAL TRACK SEASON on Wednesday, February 5th at 6:45pm at Kezar track. Coach Dorette will be leading the workout and afterwards we'll head to Kezar Pub to re-hydrate with a few beverages on GGTC.

In order to create the most butt busting, fun-filled and rewarding track experience yet, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!  Please complete this SURVEY by January 22nd - even if you've never attended track, you can complete the survey to help shape the 2014 program.

And finally...we will be holding a 2-mile time trial on Wednesday, February 19th during our regularly scheduled track workout. Never done a time trial? Been a little worse for wear after one? See below for some tips and tricks on how to prepare:
  • Attend Alex's unofficial track workouts on Wednesdays at 6:45pm at Kezar - he's sure to whip you in shape in just a few short weeks!
  • Try to run 3-4 days a week, including one speed, tempo or interval run each week
  • Avoid heavy lifting with your legs 24 hours prior to the time trial - legs should be well rested
  • Contact Coach Dorette with any questions or concerns at or just come on out and join us at track!
Email me at with questions on any of the above. Looking forward to an awesome track (and tri) season!
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