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Discounted Swim Passes Koret
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Hello GGTC and Happy Holidays! I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. If you swim at Koret or are looking for swim options, there is a rec pass sale going on that I take advantage of every year. If you buy 15 passes/visits, you get 5 for free OR if you buy 30 passes/visits, you get 10 for free. They do not expire. It comes out to about $3.75 per drop in visit and you are allowed full use of the gym/pool facility while you are there. A bonus is that in April-Sept, they offer long course swimming times, great for triathlon season! :) I don't work for Koret, I've just enjoyed swimming there for the last three years and want to let the membership know about this discounted deal that I do every year. Here's a link below for more information.

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