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SWIM CLINIC- Spots open for THIS Thursday 11/14
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Late breaking news on Swim Clinic! Due to an unforeseeable closure of the Sava pool, the Sunday clinic has been moved to THIS THURSDAY evening November 14th @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm at City College of San Francisco. As such, we had several cancellations and NOW HAVE room. If interested, please register for the clinic at the following LINK:

Hip Joint Mechanics and Using Your Core While Swimming
The Psoas is a great muscle to tap into while swimming. However, it is
often found in "hammock" action and not engaged. Learn how to tap into
using a visualization for the mechanics of your hip joint to turn on
your psoas and lower abdomen. In turn, this allows your body to be in
a straight line (decreasing drag and "zig-zagging") and maximize the
amount of force you can put on your arms during your pull. While this
usually adds work where there was none, it decreases the amount of
tension in your shoulders....and increases the likelihood of having a
six-pack (who doesn't want some of that!?). Swimming is a whole body
sport and this workshop will focus on tapping into the Core and
learning how to incorporate this powerhouse section of your body.

Allison is an Olympic Silver Medalist and former World Record Holder. She has been teaching swimming technique for 14 years and specializes in analyzing individual movement patterns. She loves to dispense the wealth of swimming information she's accrued over the years and help people navigate the highly technical world of swimming.

Thursday November 14th
7:00pm -8:30 pm
Cost = $30 per person.
Minimum 8 people- Maximum of 15 people.
Location = City College of San Francisco @ 50 Phelan Ave, San Francisco, CA
Contact: Allison Wagner @ 415.867.6894 &

Erika Gliebe
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