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The Application process will be open for a couple more days and we'll have the team decided by early next week. Have any questions about it, please feel free to email
Golden Gate Triathlon Club Members or as we affectionately call ourselves, GGTCers!!!

Congrats on an AWESOME 2013 Season! I'm excited to let you know that applications for the 2014 Golden Gate Triathlon Club Ambassador Team are available.

First, a quick summary of what the GGTC A-Team is about and it's history. As of 2012, the club had established thriving programs for beginners doing their first triathlon, as well as those interested in a coached program for a 70.3 or Ironman distance. In the interest of building the club at all levels, there was also a desire to:
* Offer something to the members who were exceling at the top of their age groups, who would also be a resource for newbies
* Provide opportunities for our more competitive members to stay involved with GGTC as well as attract additional high-caliber athletes to the club.
* Build GGTC's relationships with sponsors

Now, the GGTC Ambassador Team is growing so that members can provide even greater support to the club-at-large and the various training programs offered. Along with having top age groupers apply, the team is also looking for those GGTCers who consistently give back to the club via volunteerism, event planning, and posting workouts. Also, we're excited to welcome our TAG & HIT coaches, Coach Neil and Ashley.

2013 ended with 11 athletes on the Ambassador Team. In 2014, our goal is 18-20 members. If you feel that you have what it takes, here is what is expected from a Golden Gate Triathlon Club Ambassador Team member:
* Be a top age grouper who is also interested in being a training resource to club members; and/or
* Be an active member who has consistently helped the club by volunteering at events, planning workouts, and actively participating in areas needed.

We're excited to already have Pacific Bicycles onboard as an A-Team sponsor for 2014 along with being a GGTC sponsor. If you know of a company that would be interested in learning more about A-Team sponsorship, please have them email

With that being said, here's the application form:
Application period will be until November 4th.
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