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Nominations for the GGTC 2014 Board of Directors a...
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Hello GGTC!

Nominations for the 2014 GGTC Board of Directors are still open.  If you want to run for the board or know of a member who you think would do a great job for the club, please send your nominations directly to .  Nominations will not be accepted after Monday, 9/9.

It's easy.  Just send a single sentence listing who you nominate for a position or send a bulleted list.  Board job positions are listed below.  All board positions are filled by members who volunteer a year of service to the club.  Any member in good standing can run!

Send any questions to Chris at 

Golden Gate Triathlon Club 


Board of  Directors 
Elections Timeline


Aug 28th-Sept 9th

Nominations Open.  To be nominated to run for the board, any member must have two nominations.  Members may nominate themselves or any other member to run for any position.  This is a two-week window.  No nominations will be accepted before or after this window.  Nominations are to be directly emailed to 


Aug 29th-Sept 10th

Members are notified when they reach two nominations for a board position. Nominees have until Sept 12th to accept candidacy by notifying the ex-officio.


Sept 13th:  

Candidates are announced to the membership.


Sept. 17th:  

Platforms are posted.  An election forum for candidates to answer questions/campaign is set-up on the GGTC Forums page.  Candidates may begin their campaigns.


Oct. 7th, 6:30PM-8:30PM:  GGTC Elections are held. Members must be present to vote.  Voting by proxy is not allowed.  Elections will be held at Sports Basement Presidio in the Community Room. 


Oct. 8th, Noon:

Ex-officio notifies membership of elections results via GGTC forum message.

All Board Positions Listed Below Are Open for Nominations.


General Board of Directors Commitments

Mandatory attendance at the Monthly Board of Directors meeting (2 pre-approved absences accepted). Strongly encouraged to attend the Monthly member meeting  to support the Club. Strongly encouraged to attend key events such as Wildflower Training Weekend, Annual Year End Party, and other social events.  Be actively engaged in the Golden Gate Triathlon Club and the Board of the Directors throughout your year long commitment to serve on the board



The primary objective of the President is to pursue the mission of the club through direct involvement and execution with directors and the membership and to lead the club with the best interests of the membership in mind.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead monthly BOD meetings and provide leadership and direction for BOD members
  • Attend regular workouts and events and be available to members both in person and via email
  • Kick off Monthly Membership meetings
  • Post weekly blast of workouts and club events as well as other formal announcements to the
  • announcement and discussion lists
  • Grow club membership, activities and support.
  • Maintain relationships with coaches, sponsors, community leaders and other organizations within the triathlon and local community at large
  • Manage relationships with race directors to position GGTC as host club for local races including Alcatraz and Treasure Island
  • Oversee the elections process and recruit members and nominations for the next BOD
  • HIT Program Coordinator: manage the club-based administration of the Half Ironman Training program, including recruitment of new participants; publicity about the program within and outside of the club; and serve as liaison between the coach and GGTC. The bulk of the HIT Program Coordinator's duties occur in the month prior to each program's start.


The primary objective of the Secretary is to act as the record keeper for the club.


Key Responsibilities: 

  • The Secretary is the "club historian", and he/she keeps a record of the club bylaws and minutes from past meetings for future reference. Main responsibility is for the monthly GGTC Board meetings; including compiling agenda, confirming location, ordering food, taking minutes and distributing minutes. The majority of the Secretary's duties occur withina several day window around the monthly board meeting.
  • The Secretary is the keeper of the club by-laws and assists the President and volunteer Election Officials with the election process
  • Maintains records of the board and ensures effective management of GGTC records including having current Board Roster
  • Manages minutes of board meetings and ensures minutes are distributed to members shortly after each meeting
  • At the start of each board meeting minutes from thelast meeting will be amended, resolved and approved
  • Tri & Give Coordinator: manage the club-based administration of the Tri & Give program, including recruitment of new participants; publicity about the program within and outside of the club; recruits workout volunteers from the club; and serves as liaison between the coach, the charities and GGTC. The bulk of the Tri and Give Coordinator's duties occur in the month prior to each program's start (in roughly Jan/Feb and July/Aug) and is steady throughout each 10-week program.



The Treasurer provides financial record keeping, guidance, and assistance as they relate to the operations of the club and GGTC board members.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Perform insurance, finance, and bookkeeping duties for the Club
  • Prepare and monitor budgets over the course of the year
  • Coordinate preparation of tax returns and manage other compliance issues as required by state, federal and other regulatory agencies
  • Prepare monthly and annual financial reports to be presented at BOD meetings
  • Update Board members on income/expenses pertaining to specific projects or functions
  • Manage accounts receivables and payables
  • Manage bank relationship and account
  • Maintain active involvement with all board members and general club members on GGTC programs requiring a financial commitment by the Club.



The GGTC swim director manages our organization's aquatic programs, including the open water swims, master swim program(s), and supplemental swim clinics.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage GGTC's aquatic programs to have weekly trainings available to the Club and coordinate swim volunteers to lead weekly swims.
  • Coordinate the weekly open water swims or direct members to alternative swims.
  • Support the Vendor expo in early March, ensuring swimming-related vendors are represented at the Expo
  • Establish and maintain relationships with groups that provide pool workouts
  • Communicate GGTC aquatic programs by sending out emails, maintaining the swim web page & open water swim workout calendar, and by providing swim related input to the newsletter (when requested).
  • Maintain information on the website swim page related to places to swim (open water and pools), coaches available for swim instruction, open water clinics, and places to buy/rent wetsuits.


The GGTC bike director manages our organization's bike programs to provide opportunities for GGTC members to develop and improve their cycling and prepare for races with club workouts and clinics.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate weekly group rides with the help of volunteer ride leaders
  • Create and manage a discussion group for ride leaders
  • Update the GGTC workout calendar and bike page periodically
  • Coordinate workshops, maintenance clinics and seminars on biking topics
  • Work with local bike shops to provide services and discounts to members
  • Foster new relationships with bike sponsors/coaches and maintain existing affiliations where appropriate





The GGTC run director manages GGTC's run programs to be fun, informative, and challenging for all abilities


Key Responsibilities:

  • Establish and/or maintain relationships with running coaches.
  • Oversee Track and coordinate Track admin to manage attendance and monitor track pass payments.
  • Recruit and work with Track Assistant(s) for this.
  • Oversee Trail Run programs and coordinate run leaders.
  • Work with run coaches to hold clinics on relevant topics.
  • Communicate with membership about run program workouts, including periodic write-ups of track and run race reports celebrating each runner
  • Identify and promote run-specific events as formal GGTC Run race events



The primary objective of the Social Director is to organize club social functions including but not limited to: Kick-off social, Wildflower Training Weekend, Alcatraz Race events, Year-end party and post-workout or other club social events.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Manages the guest lists and budget for each event, per BOD approval
  • Plans events and coordinates with vendors and facilities to provide services
  • Communicates event details to members
  • Has an open ear to the membership at large with suggestions for other events.
  • Recruits an assistant and volunteers to help with specific tasks or events.



The primary objective of the Director of Sponsorship is to develop and maintain current Club

sponsorships and develop new sponsorship programs for the GGTC


Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop, execute and monitor sponsor agreements to the benefit of GGTC members
  • Identify opportunities for sponsor participation inGGTC events, socials, and trainings
  • On-going communication with Premier Gold and other local sponsors
  • Coordinate the annual Sponsorship Expo
  • Partner with Communications and Social Director to coordinate Wildflower Training Weekend
  • Coordinate with the Web Director to maintain sponsor information, logos and offers on Club website
  • Track in-kind and service donations from sponsors
  • Execute surveys to better understand club demographics and members "wish list" of products that may drive sponsorship opportunities.
  • Partner with Membership, Communications and Social Directors to develop "give away programs" from sponsors for member meetings and other GGTC sponsored programs





The primary objective of the Membership Director is to keep track of members, communicate about the club and plan for recruitment of new members. Responsible for the maintenance of the membership roster for the club.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance of the membership roster for club events and communications
  • Coordinate and manage monthly membership meetings
  • Hand out member swag at member meetings to new members (i.e caps)
  • Manage the HIT and IM program throughout the year by updating website, communication between members and coaches, and keeping the rosters up to date.
  • Coordinate member benefits with run, swim, bike and sponsorship directors and communicate to current and potential members
  • Answer any email questions sent to





The primary objective of the Webmaster is to maintain the GGTC website and maintain and support other GGTC web services


Key Responsibilities:

  • Administration of GGTC web services (e.g. web site, google apps, facebook, twitter)
  • Website infrastructure changes (creation of pages, menus, forums/discussion lists) and support (account, registration issues)
  • Assist other Directors with web site postings
  • Image formatting
  • Research new web/mobile/other services as needed
  • First response for general inquires posted via website




The primary objective of the Design Director is to manage all club related artwork and images.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Create and update artwork for Print and Web
  • Assist the Communications and Sponsorship Directors with their marketing needs
  • Aid the Webmaster with design issues
  • Work with printers and other 3rd party vendors





The primary objective of the Communications Director is to act as the "Voice of the Club".


Key Responsibilities:

*  Generate content for website

*  Disseminate information to club membership via email list

*  Update, edit and send out monthly GGTC Newsletter via Constant Contact

*  Coordinate "Volunteer of the Month" award

*  Generate and respond to opportunities for PR exposure for the club





The primary objective of the Merchandise Director is to maintain inventory of GGTC gear and make it available for sale to members and communicate with merchandise vendors.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintain inventory, store and organize in-stock items.
  • Make in-stock merchandise available to club members easily and consistently and sell merchandise at appropriate opportunities This is currently done primarily over email with items delivered at club events or workouts (ie-track), or items picked up from the Director's home or office. Occasionally live gear sales are suggested at major events (WFTW, EFA Booth, Sponsor Expo, TAG Kickoff).
  • Communicate with merchandise vendor for club apparel to maintain online store and approve design changes.
  • Host club gear fittings 2-3 times per year for members to try on gear before purchasing.
  • Communicate and answer member questions about gear ordering process.
  • As needed, scope alternative vendors and merchandise items and prepare information to be discussed & approved by the full board.
  • Work with Design Director to advise board on uniform issues, logo placement and design issues related to each item and vendor.



The primary objective of the Volunteer Director is to pursue & promote opportunities to drive volunteerism in the Bay Area community linking back with our TAG/HIT beneficiary as well as the Triathlon community


Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintain our the relationship with the TAG/HIT Beneficiary (currently Trips for Kids for 2014)
  • Promote volunteerism with current beneficiary and previous beneficiaries
  • Minimally drive one to two volunteer activities with current beneficiary for the calendar year
  • Own identifying future beneficiaries for Calendar year 2015, requesting applicant submissions and runs the process of designating future beneficiary which should be voted on by the current BOD
  • Identify key races for GGTC to support and Volunteer at
  • Vineman 70.3 Aid Station
  • Plus 2 to 3 additional target races to promote volunteerism

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