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A note on GGTC club rides from your "friendly" nei...
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For those all those attending club hosted rides (all rides really), please read and internalize the following. Being idiots on the road and riding in an unsafe manner during club ride is not and will not be tolerated. Pace-lining has its place in triathlon training (I love it as much as anyone) – but pace-lining is a skill, and here are some key things to remember about riding in a pace-line:
•Do not ride in aero position unless you are in first position
•Do not half wheel
•Ride in a straight line
•Over communicate (verbal and hand signals)
•Maintain a safe following distance
(This is not an all-inclusive list but are amongst the most violated rules of a pace line)

For more information on pace-lining please see the following links:

Additionally, take a moment to watch this video and you can quickly see 4 of 5 of the aforementioned violations in action (don't be this guy/gal). Also understand how lucky this rider is to be able to walk away from this crash largely unscathed.

For those who are curious why I am posting this now, there was a pace-line crash involving members and non-members at a recent club ride. As members attending a club ride you are expected to act appropriately at all times. While non-members are currently permitted to join our club rides, it is all of our responsibilities to ensure we act in the safest manner possible (realizing accidents do happen). If for some reason I see the need to change the club policy around allowing non-members, I will.

With this in mind I have reached out to local Cycling Coach and Professional Cyclist Julia Violich about scheduling an upcoming clinic focusing on pace-line skills… please stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Hugs & Kisses,
Sam Gager
GGTC Bike Director
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