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Gear Order NEWS FLASH!
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Time is running out! You must place your order for GGTC Gear tonight in order to secure delivery before Wildflower and your other early season races.


More Details:
Good Evening GGTC -

Here's the deal!  Jakroo has kindly extended the date to order your gear, it now closes at at 11:59pm on Sunday! Now, I know you all like to procrastinate but I encourage you not to and here's why:

1. You won't get your gear in time for Wildflower.
2. You won't look way sexy like the rest of the club, and..
3. If you don't order now, prices for the next order will most likely go up if we don't meet minimum numbers.

Here's where you place your orders:

I don't know about you, but I like to represent my club at Wildflower. I like to look good. And, I like to save money. It's a no brainer. 

Get on the store and order some sweet gear.

Lookin' Good,
Michael Spiegel
GGTC President
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