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Natural nutrition options
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This was just posted today: 3 ingredients! Of course any energy bar can have many variations!
For those interested in seeking to learn more about eating a whole food diet (plant based...or even ramping up the plants in your diet), here is a resource.

Branden Brazier is a vegan, former professional triathlon who developed his own line, VEGA. What I like about this site is that is offers information on clean eating (101), eating to reduce inflammation (alkaline-based diet), and recipe ideas. His book, THRIVE, offers recipes, the same recipes used for their bars & gels.

Training puts the body in an inflammatory state; the same stress that causes inflammation is the stress that brings about the physiological adaptations for our body's to become stronger and faster. Choosing nutrient dense, alkaline-based foods helps reduce the inflammation caused by training.

The plant-based sport fueling industry has come a long way in the last several years...there are many more products offered (along with Vega) that offer the athlete an opportunity to fuel and recover with healthier, more "natural" and real choices.

My favorite recovery shake (which includes branch chain amino acids)
Mai Chai Smoothie ~
1 cup Hemp, Almond Milk, or Coconut Milk, unsweetened
1 Scoop (approx. 2 Tbs.) Vega Sport Protein Powder (blend of hemp, pea, and rice proteins), Vanilla
2 dates (chopped)
1 tsp. Maca powder
2 tsp. crushed chia seeds
Nutmeg & Cinnamon to taste
Thanks Kimra, Jenny, Chris and Dave for some great recipes! I can't wait to try some of these. They all sound delicious! 

Any other recipes out there? Please continue to share via this discussion. 


I just came across a recipe for apple/carrot/nut butter bars on a blog I read. I haven't tried it yet, but I've made some of the author's other recipes and haven't been disappointed yet, so here it is:

I'm made Dr. Lim's Rice Cakes before and thought they were awesome. It's best to make a whole lot of them and throw them in your freezer individually wrapper in foil. Then just pull them out for your rides and by the time you need to eat they're mostly thawed. I've also made a savor and sweet version. My sweet version omitted bacon and soy sauce (I use Briggs) and added peanut butter and small dark chocolate chips. Yum!

If we're talking about nutrition and food... I have a blog that I love.  A mom at my school actually writes it.

Even if you're not into the Paleo movement, she has a slew of fantastic recipes only using natural/whole foods and absolutely  no sugar.  I especially like her 30 days of recipes when she did a month of Whole 30 nutrition.

Check it out.

Christina Nosek
GGTC Communications
That's funny Erika - I had just asked Rob Williams that same question! The first 30 seconds of this video capture his reply:
An ex chef for pro cyclists!  Now we're talking.  Flax seed, anyone??  Or perhaps some Spanish beef??


Here is a link to a recipe developed by Allen Lim the founder of Skratch Labs. He used to cook for pro cyclists and then came out with his own cookbook. These are fairly similar to yours but it stayed together for my ride and they were DELICIOUS! Let me know what you think...



I have been playing around with options for training that are more natural. In the past I have used gels and chomps/ blocks but hoping to get a fun dialog going about ideas/ recipes people are using.

I recently tried Picky Bars which were pretty good but looking for something I can make at home. This past weekend I tried a "rice bar" that I made with cooked Sushi rice (2 cups uncooked), 4 scrambled eggs, bacon (8oz), 2 tablespoons Soy Sauce and 2 tablespoons brown sugar. Mix it all together and then cut into bars, wrap in tin foil (makes about 10 bars). While it tasted good, my bars fell apart a bit and were hard to eat on the bike.

I would love to hear from the members of GGTC so please share your natural nutrition ideas with the me and GGTC so we all can learn fun tips and tricks and maybe find a new recipe or two.

Swim Director
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