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Discussion Guidelines
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Welcome to the GGTC Discussion Forum!

Posting to the Forum:

-Post workouts here in addition to the calendar.

-Sell or swap gear.

-Seek training advice.

-Seek training partners.

-Post information of interest for other members.

-Ask about races, gear, or anything else tri related.

-Non tri posting is allowed as long as it is respectful and relevant to other members (past examples: members seeking roommates, travel advice, messages about stolen bikes, road closures, etc).

Posts Not Allowed:

-Fundraising of any kind

-Profanity of any kind

-Selling race bibs or anything outside of USAT/race regulations

-Solicitation/marketing for businesses development purposes (for you or on behalf of another member), excluding free samples and/or race discounts

In General:

-Keep it nice.

-Keep it relevant. 



If you have any questions, feel free to contact the GGTC Communications Director.

GGTC Communications

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