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Christina Nosek

Discussion Guidelines 1 6375

Kimi Ueda

AP Swim is on!! 1 0

Carridad Taber

Swim Aquatic Park this Tuesday 5 10

Jennifer Colosi

Girls on the Run - Executive Director now being hired! 1 0

David Winton

Answering all of your bike questions TONIGHT 1 0

Matthew Elke

Garmin / Suunto sale 50-75% 3 3

Kevin Young

who's racing oceanside? 4 27

GGTC Bike Director

Beginner Ride Cancelled because of rain 1 1

Deborah Beck

Ragnar Team for Colorado race looking for 2-3 Bay Area runners 3 1

Jennifer Colosi

54 or 55 cm frame - friend needs to buy one after his cracked 2 3

Alexandra Liguori

Offering my spot for the Bay Club Cycling Program on Monday nights 3 6

Michael Paravati

going to AP for a swim this evening? (6-7pm) 4 5

GGTC Communications

Rico Sports Iron Case for Sale 1 2

Alex Wood

be our (permanent) guest! 1 4

Erick Salvatierra

Selling Indoor Cycling Trainer 6 22

Hope Gelbach

wet suit repair 3 2

Michael Paravati

Looking to buy used gear for first triathlon: aerobars, wetsuit, cyclocomputer etc. 7 12

Joe Melia

Saturday Charity Spin Class - $20 Off 1 5

GGTC Sponsorship Dir

Last Day for GGTC Exclusive Wildflower Discount! 1 0

GGTC Social Director